May Days Sponsors

We are very fortunate to have such incredible support from a number of organizations and businesses throughout the community. Without their continued commitment to Kaslo and the May Days Festival we would not be able to provide such a spectacular for all visitors and residents of our area!

Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce – Proud sponsor

Kaslo May Days is a Chamber supported and operated initiative on behalf of the Village of Kaslo.

Columbia Power   –  Community Sponsorship Program      Committed to translating power project investments into benefits for residents. Community Sponsorship programs are just one example of how Columbia Power works to help build strong partnerships and vibrant communities where they operate their facilities.


May Days is looking for sponsors!  It’s hard operating a three-day FREE event so every $$ helps to keep this 126 year tradition going.

Please send us an email    to See Your name Here and on All the printed media ( including the May Days 2-page spread pull out calendar.