January 18, 2022

The Kaslo & Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the successful application for funding under the Shop Local BC program supported by the Government of Canada’s Strategic Activities Program, administered by the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry and delivered through the BC Chamber of Commerce.

Rather than focusing on a typical shop local campaign, which benefits our businesses and community for the duration of a campaign, our Chamber is choosing to utilize this funding to rebrand and to develop the framework, the tools and resources that will enable us to promote our area’s shop local initiatives for years to come.

Our campaign is called Choose KasLOCAL!  This is not a new name for the Chamber, but one that has been underutilized.  It is a name that has the potential to inspire us and to remind us, as North Kootenay Lake residents, that:

  • It isn’t just ‘shopping’.  There are a number of businesses, organizations and enterprises throughout the area that provide goods and services that we don’t always identify with shopping.
  • It is a choice!  – We CHOOSE, we make a conscious decision and act on it as to where we spend our hard-earned dollars.  To make an informed decision, we need to understand the benefits.
  • The KasLO part of the name… just works.  Not that we are focusing solely on Kaslo businesses; we are Kaslo & Area… and proud of it!  One goal will be to better promote the fine businesses throughout our area.
  • And of course, LOCAL.  Let’s think local first.  By supporting our local economy, we will grow our economy: one that encourages small and medium size enterprises, not big box.  We will reduce our carbon footprint.  We will strengthen our self-sufficiency, increase opportunities for employment and continue to promote a healthy well-balanced approach to life, Kootenay-style!

The timeline of this project is shorter than we’d like.  But we are already working hard, putting pieces in place and finding the right local talent to get the job done!